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Kiana's songs depict a lot of attitudes. The overall vibe is easy-going pop/r&b as well as some jazz.



Kiana's debut album, “Phases”, is a soulful take on a story of a relationship from beginning to end through the eyes of one persons perspective. Kiana put together this collection of songs to describe the rollercoaster of emotions one can feel in a relationship in all of its stages. Kiana recorded and played most of the instruments on the album in her home studio and takes influence from her jazz/ rock background which sets her record apart from most female RnB/Pop artists. She combines catchy grooves and soft vocals without compromising rich instrumentation from beginning to end. 


The first two tracks,“Can’t Have You” and “Just Friends”, introduce us to feelings of longing and lust. When you first want someone and you don’t know how they feel, it can be nerve-racking in all of its uncertainty. Mikey Bloom’s verse on “Just Friends”, brings the song to life as Kiana and Mikey dance around revealing their true feelings just as in a conversation between two “unofficial-lovers”. 


“Secrets”, Produced with Trust Chen Pow, at Pow Productions, Breaks down genres with its synth heavy groove and harmonies that hook you from the get-go. 


The next few tracks, “Rose Coloured Romance”, “Commitment Issues”, and “Cherry”, show us the good. The honeymoon phase, when things get serious and you are so in love that everything is perfect…so perfect that you are scared to lose that feeling. “Commitment Issues”, is a feels-good vibe with a soulful baseline and jazzy saxophone solo performed by one of Kiana's close friends, Sarah Ramsay. Kiana’s guitar skills shine on “Cherry”. It is as catchy as it is impressive with an acoustic bebop-style solo that is soothing to the ear. 


Things can’t always be perfect and in this story they definitely aren’t. “Repeat”, takes us for a turn. A true contemporary R&B tune that depicts the doubt so many feel with things aren’t going smoothly with their significant other. When you see the flaws of the other person and you don’t like what you see. Going through the motions, it can feel as the days are on repeat and you don’t enjoy each others company anymore. 


“Piece By Piece”, and “Say Please”, are attitude filled and energetic. At some point, we’ve all felt  like we were being taken apart by someone. Whether it's because of something they did or we just lose ourselves because we’re trying too hard to make the other person happy and compromise our own happiness in return. When you’re finally fed up and stop revolving your life around someone else, you feel powerful. These songs show that and they do it in an angsty-upbeat way. "Piece By Piece”, gets you to move with its groovy baseline played by Calvin Beale and killer keys solo, played by Jerry Caringi. If you ever feel like dancing, “Say Please”, has a heavy dancehall beat and singing horns that just get you to move. 


As this albums soft- emotional tune,“Hazy”, finds all the words yo would want to say to someone after you’ve broken up with them. Regret is inevitable when you’ve shared so many good memories with someone. You want to hold on to the good parts and forget the bad. It’s bittersweet and painful to get through but necessary to move on. 

The final track, “Lavish is my medicine”, brings us different tone with its trap beat and pop feel. This song is about feeling good after a breakup. When you’re finally out of the woods and feeling confident again. Unbothered by your ex hitting you up because you know they can’t accept you’re doing well without them. It’s a satisfying and contrasting end to this non-love story.



Listen to "Secrets"

"Blue For A Beat"

Kiana- If I had to pick one song that I’ve written which represents me best, it’d be this one. I wanted to write a song that was just about the music. If you know me then you know that’s the one thing I’ve always been about. It’s an amazing feeling to just flow with a song as your heart syncs with the beat.
I had the help of the amazing @powprod to make this track happen!

So You Wanna  Be  Special?


"So you wanna be special?" is out finally.

I wrote this song 2 years ago and it’s just one that I kept coming back to. I chose to release it on April 1st because everyone plays the fool sometimes. We all have that voice in our head that tells us we’re just another face in the crowd. There’s always someone else who appears to be more popular or successful in life but everyone has insecurities regardless of where they come from. So many people believe they’re only fit to be extras...when in actuality we are all stars of our own film. 

Piece by Piece

This song is about realization. The realization that you can’t let yourself be dumbed down or slowly chipped away because of someone else. If you allow yourself to be taken piece by piece, it tells others they can take advantage of you because you lack the respect to yourself to even care that it's happening.