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Kiana's songs depict a lot of attitudes. The overall vibe is easy-going pop/r&b as well as some jazz.


Her Album will be released in Fall 2021. The album is about the beginning to the end of a relationship. ie. “phases” of a relationship.

New Release-
"Cherry" now out on all platforms!

Listen to "Secrets"

"Blue For A Beat"

Kiana- If I had to pick one song that I’ve written which represents me best, it’d be this one. I wanted to write a song that was just about the music. If you know me then you know that’s the one thing I’ve always been about. It’s an amazing feeling to just flow with a song as your heart syncs with the beat.
I had the help of the amazing @powprod to make this track happen!

So You Wanna  Be  Special?


"So you wanna be special?" is out finally.

I wrote this song 2 years ago and it’s just one that I kept coming back to. I chose to release it on April 1st because everyone plays the fool sometimes. We all have that voice in our head that tells us we’re just another face in the crowd. There’s always someone else who appears to be more popular or successful in life but everyone has insecurities regardless of where they come from. So many people believe they’re only fit to be extras...when in actuality we are all stars of our own film. 

Piece by Piece

This song is about realization. The realization that you can’t let yourself be dumbed down or slowly chipped away because of someone else. If you allow yourself to be taken piece by piece, it tells others they can take advantage of you because you lack the respect to yourself to even care that it's happening.